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Welcome to the Dushanbe in Pictures website. This site is dedicated to Dushanbe, the Capital City of Republic of Tajikistan. All graphic content provided here is intended for personal use only. Publishing in any periodic issues (magazines, newspapers, etc.) without prior consent of the author is prohibited. Anyone is free to use these images at his/her discretion. You can download, copy, print, publish on your websites, etc. as long as you're not making any profit of it or using in political debates. All photos shown on this page taken during my trip to Dushanbe late summer of the year 2000. I may post more images, so please check back.
Update: In the summer of 2005 I was lucky to travel to Dushanbe again. Of course I shot a whole bunch of new pictures. They are available to public as part of my personal online album. You're welcome to see the new pictures here.

Somoni Square (354K)

Somoni Square (350K)

Somoni Square (341K)

Sovmin (367K)

Central Univermag (457K)

Knizhnyi Mir (438K)

Kinokoncertnyj Zal (322K)

Mostopoezd (353K)

Rudaki Street (438K)

Opera Theatre (324K)

Magazin Optica (369K)

Putovsky Street (422K)

Telephone Station (590K)

Central Alley (581K)

Ainy Street (377K)

Dushanbinka River (334K)

101 Mkr Putovskogo (466K)

82&101 Mkr Intersection (383K)

Bus stop (465K)

Ostanovka SUM (437K)

Universam (488K)

Xozmag near 82 Mkr (359K)

Varzob (511K)

Varzob (516K)

Bazarchik (494K)

Melons (369K)

Butcher (329K)

A little Merchant (377K)

Tolkuchka 82 Mkr (520K)

Tolkuchka Saxovat (377K)

Tolkuchka Saxovat (470K)

Sidewalk (459K)

Hot Dogs (453K)

Family Business (441K)

Food Shop (403K)

Food Shop (401K)

Bachaxo (Kids) (329K)

Craft shop (521K)

I used to live here (518K)

I used to work here (333K)